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Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction


In order to provide the best treatment for you, you will first need to make an appointment. During this appointment, one of our care professionals will conduct an assessment and a physical to better determine any health problems. This will also allow us to provide and tailor the best opioid addiction related treatment for you or your loved one. Once a decision is made, you will need to make follow up appointments for prescription refills and probable referrals.


It is the use of medications that deal with cravings to keep you from wanting opiates that are harmful to you. Along with counseling, research shows this has the best outcomes for sobriety.


Suboxone is a narcotic that attaches itself to your brain’s opioids receptors, thus preventing other drugs, such as Heroin, from attaching to them. It is given in a dose to prevent withdrawal, but not to get high.

Most often, people think this prescription is “just trading one drug for another”, but that is not the case. Suboxone will stop withdrawal and prevent cravings. To put it into perspective, if an individual who is taking narcotics suddenly stops taking the medication, he or she will go into withdrawal. They may also experience the following:

  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Chills
  • Muscle cramps
  • Sensation that their hair is standing up

Suboxone prevents all those symptoms and is very helpful in decreasing the addition and cravings, especially while the individual is going through counseling to address the addiction they have. Also, a Suboxone prescription can be decreased over time and then eventually stopped.

The patient must be aware that Suboxone cannot be used with Benzodiazepines, certain sleeping pills, central nervous depressants, and other narcotics as they can cause severe respiratory depression. There have been patient cases in which Methadone was preferred instead of Suboxone because it has less sedating effects.


Vivitrol, which is also known as Naltrexone, is not considered a narcotic. Vivitrol also works with the brain receptors by specifically preventing cravings. This drug can be prescribed in either oral or injection form. The oral form of Vivitrol is generally taken once or twice daily and the injection form of this drug is administered once a month. Both administered forms are covered by Medi-Cal. Since Vivitrol is not a narcotic, there is no concern over sedation. However, the patient cannot take narcotics with this drug or it will cause withdrawal. Vivitrol and Naltrexone may also be used for alcohol addiction. If you have private insurance and have any difficulty having this drug paid for by your insurance, we can help.


Before beginning any addiction treatment, the patient must understand that commitment is an essential part of dealing with this habit. It is recommended for all patients to attend their recurring drug screenings and office visits to obtain prescription refills. The patient must also understand that counseling and Narcotic Anonymous meetings are crucial for recovery. Due to the strength that opiates possess, the usual course of treatment for narcotics involves relapse and retreatment; and because this is sometimes expected, there is no judgement, we are here to help!

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